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Just some information about me. I'm a wife, board certified integrative health counselor, and amateur ballroom dancer. I enjoy life by living each day like it is my last. One of my favorite hobbies is to travel, travel, travel, and to learn different cultures of all kinds. After a recent lay off..I realized my passion and purpose in life is to inspire people by showing them how to enjoy their life and to pamper all aspects of it. This includes your health, your wealth, and most important your mind by making the connection to what living is really about. Pampering4life is about making small changes and reaping BIG RESULTS! I look forward to opening up a new world for you so you to can live your BEST LIFE

Monday, April 29, 2013

That's It Giveaway: YOU COULD BE A WINNER!!!!

Hey healthy divas I'm so excited about this DELISH giveaway that is so good and healthy. Pampering4life Lifestyle and Wellness Company recently partnered with That's It company to offer yummy healthy snacks. These fruit bars are PERFECT sna...cks that are 100% pure fruit..no purees, no concentrations, no chemicals, no gmo's. Not to mention its an easy way to get 2 whole servings of fruit. They are perfect for vegan, diabetic, raw, or kosher...soooo good!! We are picking 4 lucky winners to WIN a full box of the fruit snacks in the flavor of your choice. Apple + Cherry, Apple + Pear, Apple + Mango, Apple + Apricot.

To enter, just do these 3 things
"Like" our facebook page which is located here on the blog on the right hand side
"Like" That's It biz page
Leave a comment here on our blog and let us know how you incorporate fruit in your diet.
Good Luck!!!

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