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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

6 Easy Tips to Follow Your Nutrition Plan

Often times when people start to consider a new nutrition program they usually want to revamp what’s in the kitchen or simply put their shopping list. One thing that I often see with my clients is when they no longer allow themselves the freedom of eating the things they enjoy. So, I will hear complaints that eating healthy is boring or blah but the reality is not what you’re eating but how to cook what you’re eating by making it as flavorful as possible.  The key here really is not always what you buy but how to cook it. You can stick to a great nutrition program just by using some easy steps below in gaining the new healthier you.

When preparing vegetables try not to overcook them or under season them. Cut back on the cooking time to reap all of the natural flavors of your vegetables. You may also want to try a finishing sauce like vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spices. You will be very surprised of the finished taste.

Try cooking healthy quick meals like grill salmon with frozen vegetables or whole-wheat couscous. One of my favorites is quinoa with carrots which has a preparation time of 30 minutes or less. Eating healthy can be easy with some dedicated focus.

Keep a healthy pantry of granola snacks, nuts, raisins, and dried fruit to keep temptation at bay. Stay with the mindset if it’s not in my kitchen I do not eat it.

Limit the sodium by avoiding processed foods of any kind. I had one of my client’s ask me “how do you know if it’s processed”. My rule of the thumb is anything in bags or boxes as natural whole foods are fresh with an expiration date. If you purchase healthy foods you will stay within the normal daily range of 2,300 mg of salt a day.

When away from home staying close to healthy easy foods is best.  Try salad in a jar which is something I keep near and dear to me. You simply build a mason jar with your favorite selections from romaine lettuce to hard boil egg slices while keeping the dressing at the bottom of the jar. When you are ready to partake in your salad you simply shake and eat. What I like about this concept; it’s easy and you can keep more than just salad using this method. You can try fruit, soups, and a host of other healthy meals simply store it correctly and you have a few days’ worth of meals.

So you see eating healthy is not the enemy. You just have to try some things to make your life a little easier while adjusting to a simple nutrition plan that everyone including your family can have fun doing and look forward to the participation. If you enjoyed this article be sure to follow us on Facebook for more quick easy health tips follow our website at http://www.nutritionyoudesign.com

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