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Monday, October 10, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Living Stress Free

Stress hormones are just as bad as smoking cigarettes daily when it comes to your body. As women we need to learn how to live more stress free to help prevent any onset of stress hormones which can lead to a weaken immune system which can now lead to breast cancer.
People who are stressed are less productive at work and their social life suffers. We have all been brainwashed to
believe that stress is a daily part of our lives and there is no way to stop stress. That ain't necessarily so.

  Here are stress management tips to reduce stress and live a more productive stress free life.

    • 1
      Get Fit! Take care of your health and you will be able to deal with stress. Get proper amount of sleep, exercise, and watch your weight.
    • 2
      Don't Worry Be Happy. Don't think about what could happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday. This places additional stress on the body and mind. Live fully in the moment.
    • 3
      Volunteer. People who actively help others have very little time to stress over their own problems. Get involved with local charity groups or a neighborhood organization.
    • 4
      De-Clutter. Clean out the clutter in your home, bounce a bad relationship that adds stress. Reduce social activities or work related overload. De-clutter to de-stress.
    • 5
      Humor. Laugh out-loud at your problems. See the funny in all of life's situations. A laugh a day will keep the stress away.
    • 6
      Don't Bully People. Everyone doesn't have to do as you do or even do as you say. You are not the boss of the universe. Many stressed out people are type "A" personalities who are driven. And control freaks. Let go.
    • 7
      Anger Management. Don't get mad. Smile. When rude, gruff, nasty people get under your skin act kindly and smile. A smile will kill any anger and reduce stressful situations.
    • 8
      Think Positive. Stop listening to negative voices in your head. Every time a negative thought enters the mind...think STOP! Then replace it with a positive thought. Mastering a positive attitude is often hard and it will take some time. But give it a try.
    • 9
      Names. See problems as opportunities to learn. Giving a different name to a situation will ease stress and tension.
    • 10
      Don't Play the Blame Game. Don't blame stress on others. Your mind controls what you say and think and do. Choose to face stress in a calm and controlled manner. Take a deep breath...Now wasn't that much better.
      Soon you will feel stress relief and live a stress free life.

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