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Monday, October 31, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Your Healthy Breast

Keeping Your Breast Healthy
There is no natural way to change your breast size, but during pregnancy or puberty. Therefore, you have to be careful to take pill or capsule to enlarge the size of your breast. The following tips are to maintain your breast.
1. If you want to take that pill, you have to know that that pill contains estrogen without the doctor's license. The excessive of estrogen can cause breast cancer.
2. Breast consists of mammary gland and fat that contains collagen. As you grow older, the collagen is getting thin. It means that its skin is no longer tight. To overcome this, you can use bra since in the early age. To keep your breast in good shape, you can do aerobic, jogging, or tennis. Use the suitable bra for that activity, sport bra. It can back your breast up.
3. Hormonal change that happens in your body can change your breast skin texture. Your tissue in this part will be so soft for several days after menstruation. On the other hand, before menstruation, you breast will be a little bigger. For you to know, not all women have exactly the same size of chests. One chest may bigger than another. But, it is normal.
4. Do a regular treatment for your breasts. It is useful for its beauty and for detecting any abnormality that may come. Be aware of black fly, painful, bolter that may come to your breasts.
5. The dent of your breasts is usually hotter than the surrounding area. If you want your perfume to be more powerful, spray it on that area. The temperature of this area will make your perfume evaporate fast. Keep your weight stable. The drastic changing of your weight can make the back up your breast weak.
6. You can keep your chest in a good shape by doing exercises. Choose exercises that focus on the chest muscle like swimming. A good shape of your body, upright shoulder, can also help its back up work. Be careful in using moisturizer because your breast is sensitive. Do not use moisturizer around its nipple.
Another method that can be applied to keep your breasts healthy is by doing breast massage. This method is believed to be able to strengthen up and enlarge the size of your breast.
Steps for doing breast massage.
There are four procedures of massage that you can do at your house intensively. This massage is aimed to stimulate the shape of your breasts to be better or attractive.
1. Gentle draining motion.
Set your four fingers close together, and your thump apart so that it shapes like L. Put your L right hand under your breast, and your L left hand right on your nipple. Make a movement of your left hand down repeatedly. Make a gentle and smooth movement. Do this massage for 3-5 minutes for each breast.
2. Kneading-like motion
In the same shape hand, put your fingers of each hand under and above your breast, meanwhile, both of your thumps on your breasts. Then press your breast. Do it within 3-5 minutes.
3. Clock motion
Put your hands in the same position with kneading-like motion. Turn your hands clockwise and vice versa. Do not do this too much. You have to do this slowly and carefully. Do this for 3-5 minutes for each.
4. Pressure motion
In the L shape of hand, put your right hand at your right breast and your left hand at your left breast with both of the thumps on top of your breasts. Press your thumps against your breasts and hold for several seconds. Do this repeatedly for 3-5 minutes for each.
To get the maximum result, use cream for your breasts. Use B-shape breast firming cream which contains Glycine and wheat germ oil. It can stimulate your breast to fix the texture of your breast naturally

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