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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take Charge Of Your Self-Image: Love You Just The Way You Are

Accepting Who You Are
Negative self-esteem and a low self-image are among the leading challenges confronting teenagers and adults. Here are some tips on coping with self-esteem issues.
Self-esteem and depression go hand in glove. So do low self-image and poor performance. And that low performance can be evidenced at home, at school, and at the workplace -- resulting in negative consequences and, thus, even lower self-esteem. It can be a depressing, never-ending cycle. How then can a person overcome a low self-image and build a strong sense of self-worth?

1. Take Charge of Your Mind

"If you see yourself as unqualified, insignificant, unattractive, inferior, or inadequate, you will probably act in accordance with your thoughts," writes Joel Osteen, the popular pastor and bestselling author. "If your self-worth is low, you will imagine yourself as a born loser, a washout, unworthy of being loved and accepted."
What's the solution? Simple: Take charge of your mind!

Stop letting your mind dictate negative thoughts to you - and then watching yourself perform (or not) accordingly. Your life is too important for you to let yourself be a spectator or (worse) a victim.
Take charge of your thoughts. That's the key to emotional stability. So, do it right now. One way to do this is to watch what goes into your mind. If you feed your mind with angry music, addictive behavior, gossip, and/or other negative input, don't be surprised at the negative result. Determine to put positive stuff in your mind. Keep the negative to a minimum.
What sort of positive stuff? Inspirational music...constructive reading (such as books and articles from self help experts)...healthy relationships...prayer...and so on.
By this one simple step, you can achieve emotional stability and vanquish  fears and insecurities that may be plaguing you.

Loving YOU

2. Decide to Accept Yourself

There is only one "YOU" in the universe. And that is the person that YOU are responsible for. Don't let other people dictate the value of "you." This is not an area in which you can be a spectator. The sad truth is that we're accustomed to being spectators - TV, sports, even the Internet. Don't be a spectator with your life. You need to be the leader in your life. And that starts with accepting who you are, understanding where you're at, and then deciding where you're going - and how you're going to get there.

3. Encourage and Serve Others

The very best way to enhance your personal worth and value is to serve others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That's right -- the Golden Rule! Practice it. Live by it.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Note the symbiotic implications there. If you don't love your neighbor, what does that do to your attitude toward yourself? Is it any coincidence that the most self-centered people tend to be the most bitter and paranoid?
Make a conscious decision to enhance the lives of those around you. Pay them sincere compliments. Encourage them. Help them. Assist them. Listen to them. You will never lack for friends if you do these things -- sincerely. Don't fake it. People will ultimately spot a fraud. You must do this honestly and sincerely. If you do, your life will change dramatically for the better.

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