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Monday, May 9, 2011

Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally

Hypertension "The Silent Killer" 
With one in three adults suffering from high blood pressure, it is a common condition that many people seek a natural treatment for. If not treated, high blood pressure can lead to serious health conditions and can even prove to be fatal. While extremely high blood pressure should be cared for by a health professional, there are many natural methods that can be used to keep it under control.

  1. Causes

    • Some of the most common factors that contribute to high blood pressure include obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, use of certain medications, sodium intake and genetics.
      If you have family members that suffer from high blood pressure, have your blood pressure checked frequently and consider investing in a blood pressure machine of your own to use at home. Often there are no outward signs that your blood pressure is high and you may not know you have a problem until things are out of control.
    Healthy Eating and Exercise

    Lifestyle Changes

    • Some of the best natural treatments you can use to lower your blood pressure are simple lifestyle changes. Quitting smoking and consuming fewer alcoholic beverages are two of the best ways to help your blood pressure remain normal.
      Also lower your sodium intake by using less salt or using a salt alternative for cooking and seasoning your food. Also make sure that you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This helps to keep your blood flowing smoothly and helps prevent arteries from becoming clogged, which can cause your blood pressure to rise.

    Vitamin and Herbal Supplements

    • Vitamin and herbal supplements that include coenzyme Q10, which has been shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, can be used to treat high blood pressure naturally.
      Garlic has also proven to help lower high blood pressure, though this supplement should not be taken in conjunction with prescription blood thinners as it can cause an excessive thinning of the blood.
      Another beneficial herb to treat high blood pressure commonly used by herbal practitioners is hawthorn, which provides a significant reduction in blood pressure and has no apparent interactions with prescription drugs.

Natural Herbs and Supplements
There are a number of different herbs that lower blood pressure and improve heart health, thereby increasing overall well-being. Some of these blood pressure herbs have a direct effect on the blood vessels and the heart. Others have an indirect impact, yet still are helpful in healing hypertension by either reducing stress, reducing water retention, reducing plaque build-up on artery walls, or simply providing necessary minerals for a healthy circulatory system. In conjunction with a healthy diet to reduce blood pressure, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, herbs for high blood pressure can dramatically impact heart health in a natural, normalizing way.

Primary Herbs that Lower Blood Pressure

When using herbs that lower blood pressure, it is crucial to include one or several of these foundational blood pressure herbs. They work to normalize and strengthen heart function, each with a slightly different effect. Over time, using these plants for healing hypertension will create a normal blood pressure, and their use can be discontinued.

Hawthorne berries are one of the most effective heart tonics. This herb balances the circulatory system, either stimulating or relaxing blood flow, depending on which effect is necessary. Lime blossom has a calming effect on both the nervous system and the circulatory system, thereby managing stress and tension, while at the same time calming the heart rate. Mistletoe is a blood pressure herb with similar properties to lime blossom. This herb also relaxes the nerves, specifically the vagus nerve, which then lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. At the same time, mistletoe improves the strength of peripheral capillary walls. Yarrow is another foundational blood pressure herb, which causes a dilation of the peripheral vessels, allowing a greater ease in blood flow.

All of these herbs blend well together. Drink one to three cups of tea, with a single blood pressure herb, or with equal parts of any combination. Infuse two teaspoons of dried herbs in one cup of boiling water for ten minutes.

Secondary Herbs that Lower Blood Pressure

Aside from the primary herbs for high blood pressure, there are other useful plants which can offer a more well-rounded treatment by addressing the factors which cause high blood pressure. High levels of stress are directly related to hypertension. Healing is as simple as being able to manage emotional and mental tension naturally. Although herbs will not create mental stability, they will help, through calming and soothing the nervous system. Valerian, skullcap, hops, and chamomile are all excellent nervine tonics.
Water retention caused by too much sodium in the diet can put pressure on artery walls, exacerbating high blood pressure. The diuretic herbs work by encouraging the kidneys to eliminate waste through the urine. Parsley and dandelion are excellent diuretic herbs for high blood pressure.

Enjoy Daily Fruits & Veggies
Another issue with healing hypertension is dealing with arteriosclerosis, which is a condition in which the artery walls are constricted and hardened by a build-up of cholesterol and fatty deposits. Cleansing herbs such as garlic will help this condition, more so when taken over a period of time. The primary blood pressure herbs, especially lime blossom, are also effective for preventing and minimizing plaque build-up.
Nettles is another ideal supporting herb to lower blood pressure naturally. It acts as a blood cleanser, helping to remove toxins, as a mild diuretic, reducing water retention, and provides a boost of mineral nutrition. Deficiencies of magnesium, potassium, and calcium are linked to hypertension – nettles provides all three.

Using Herbs for High Blood Pressure to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Herbs for high blood pressure are a safe and effective way to heal and return the body to a state of balance, unlike medications, which tend to only manage the condition, causing a lifelong dependency on the prescription drugs. Healing hypertension with herbs will eventually lead to normalized blood pressure, with no need for drugs or herbs, although a healthy diet and lifestyle will always be necessary to maintain a strong heart and fluid circulatory system. If high blood pressure is a possibility, also be sure to consult a physician to have levels checked and to discuss the best options for well-being

Dealing with high blood pressure is very serious since it is often referred to as the "Silent Killer". It is important to maintain a well balanced lifestyle and diet. If you are in need to make changes to your diet and lifestyle you may need to consider a health counselor to help you towards better health. Feel free to contact our offices at Change Your Health Now in just 30 days you will see and feel the difference in your health. Get healthy 2011!!


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