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Monday, May 5, 2014

Simple Ways to Avoid Skin Cancer

       Now that the weather is warming up outside, its crucial to know how to stay safe in the sun and skin and any other sun damaging diseases. Remember if you notice a suspicious spot or any change in your skin, its important to go to a dermatologist as soon as possible.
Try to always seek shade whenever you can. If you sit in the shade you can reduce your exposure to the suns harmful rays. If you are planning to spend your day at the beach bring an umbrella or a tent. It is also extremely important to always wear sunglasses since the area around your eyes are very sensitive. Always try to cover up your whole body. Even if it is very hot outside in the summer try to wear a light clothing all your body, especially your arms and legs.

The best way to avoid skin cancer is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even if it is cloudy outside. There is still sun-rays that can cause damage to your skin. You should choose SPF 30 for everyday use and if you are planning to stay outside for a long period of time you should switch up your sunscreen to SPF 50. Use water resistant sunscreen if you plan to stay at the beach or go to a pool. Also sometimes we forget but its important to keep reapplying your sunscreen in order to achieve the highest protection. Wearing a hat can protect your face, ears, skin, and neck from the suns harmful rays. It offers shade to many areas as well as protecting your eyes. Always remember to also apply sunscreen when you are wearing a hat as well.
In addition, in most places the sun tends to be at its highest peak during the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. If its possible to limit your exposure during those times it will reduce your skins exposure from UVA and UVB rays. Also, there are many specific foods that are loaded with nutrients that can keep your skin looking healthy and great. This includes Vitamin A which can be found in many fruits and vegetables, and Vitamin E which can be found in sunflower seeds. You always want to keep eating foods that are rich with antioxidants because they fight free radicals that can lead to skin cancer. Certain foods are loaded with nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy and looking great. That includes Vitamin A, which is found in many fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are found in tea, vegetables, fruits and even chocolate!
If you really want your skin to keep looking great it is best if you completely avoid any indoor tanning. Indoor tanning exposes customers to harmful UVA and UVB rays. People who begin tanning younger than 35 years old may have over 50% risk of having melanoma. Tannings beds can increase wrinkles, eye damage and can even change the texture of your skin. Try self-tanners, or bronzers if you want a natural glowing look that will not hurt your skin. Overall, many people underestimate the power of the sun. Many of these diseases are very painful and even life-threatening so the best way to avoid this is by reducing your risks of being in the sun or at least always remember to wear sunscreen protection.

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