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Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Avoid Exposure to Pesticides

        Pesticides are chemicals used to avoid any damage by pests and therefore help to increase the production of food worldwide. Nowadays, pesticides are being used more than ever before. However, the use of pesticides can have cause many health risks. If you consume a large amount of pesticides it can cause problems for the reproductive and neurological system, and cause developmental problems. They can also prevent your hormones from performing properly since they are known as endocrine disrupters. It is important to follow these steps to avoid your consumption to these dangerous chemicals.
Firstly, the most simple way to reduce exposure to pesticides is to buy organic produce since organic famers do not use harmful pesticides on their produce. Organic produce tends to be pricey so try to buy the organic produce items that you or your family eats the most. Also, to identify fruit grown organically, look at the little sticker on the produce and the number should be five digits and start with 9 (e.g. 94223). When you buy organic products you are greatly minimizing your exposure to pesticides.
Furthermore, you should always wash your fruits and vegetables for a fair amount of time! In addition, homemade and commercial produce cleaners are much more effective at removing any pesticides. To make your own produce cleaner you can mix together together a cup of water, a cup of white vinegar, and a tablespoon of baking soda and the juice of half a lemon. After all these ingredients are mixed together you can add them to a spray bottle. Then use your spray bottle to spray your fruits and veggies and let it sit for a couple of minutes and make sure to wash off the mixture after. 
Secondly, make a no shoes policy in your home. When you walk across the grass that has fertilizers and herbicides, the residue from these strong chemicals can get attached to your shoes and invade your home. Sometimes, the residues can even stay on carpets for years. This is a simple step to avoid bringing pesticides into your home.
In addition, even though the skin of many produce items are good for you it is best to peel your produce. Most pesticides are found in the skin and by simply removing it it will help minimize your exposure. It will not get rid of all pesticides but it can decrease a large amount that you are consuming.
Thirdly, avoid processed foods especially corn and soy products which are very high on pesticides.  It is a beneficial to avoid eating processed foods anyways because they are filled with unnatural fibers and vitamins that your body does not absorb.

      Its important that people are aware of the detrimental effects of pesticides. It can also affect everyone differently. Children tend to be more sensitive to pesticides. Childrens bodies are also developing so they may not be able to break down the chemicals as effectively as adults do. People who suffer from asthma and chronic diseases may also feel sick after being exposed to pesticides. Even people who live near agricultural fields are also in danger of being exposed to these dangerous chemicals. Following all these steps will help reduce the amount of exposure by a large amountWhat are some things that you do to decrease the amount of pesticides you consume?