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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cancer Free Your Health and Home

October is breast cancer awareness month and I feel this is a great time to give out some helpful tips on how to decrease your chances of getting breast cancer. Prevention is key.

1. Choose Organic When Possible- By choosing organically grown veggies and organically raised animal products whenever possible, you limit your amount of exposure to dangerous pesticides and hormones.

2. Rethink your Teflon- Consider using cast-iron or any non-stick cookware such as ceramic titanium or porcelain enameled cast iron that do not contain the chemical PTFE found in most non-stick products that emit carcinogens when heated.

3. No canned goods- The lining used inside canned food products are extremely high in Bisphenol A (BPA) a commonly used toxin used in the manufacture of cans, plastics and resins.

4. Choose wise when it comes to cleaners- Toxic cleaning products in your home drastically increase your cancer risk especially breast cancer risk for females who tend to use them most often. Women have been shown to absorb as much as five pounds of toxins through the skin each year. Try natural cleanser: vinegar, baking soda, & thyme oil.

5. Be careful with the beauty- If you use makeup on a daily basis, you could be absorbing several pounds of harmful chemicals through your skin each year. Most ingredients used in makeup, lotions and other personal care items are not tested and almost 1,000 common additives are know toxins.

The bottom line is to be careful of what you use inside and outside your body. Watch your environment by making sure that it's not only toxic free but stress free. Buy organic whenever possible! By keeping these toxins at bay you could possibly changed your dynamic to living cancer free. Always consult your license healthcare provider for annual check-ups which is your pro-active way to staying healthy.

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