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Monday, August 20, 2012

Drinking Tea To Manage Daily Stress

Often times we think of drinking tea to sleep better at night or relaxing during stressful times. The more popular teas like chamomile tea is the industry standard during stressful times and you can usually find this tea in several stores throughout the country. The popularity of drinking tea is becoming more common because of the recent research linked to the unhealthy habit of drinking coffee, which is leading  more people to drinking tea as a daily alternative. Many people have yet to discovered all of the healing benefits to drinking tea as a daily ritual rather you are under stressful situations or not. Popular activities known for stress relief such as meditation, yoga, and exercise are great to include in your stress relief regimen. We now know that adding tea drinking to your daily list of regimens is also a great benefit to combat stress. Managing your first signs of stress is important to long term success. You may notice there are different types of stress you can experience within your lifetime i.e. eustress, neustress, distress, and acute stress some of it is good stress that you cannot avoid and some is considered bad stress that can cause chronic illness over time. Below is a list to consider when purchasing tea as an alternative to stress relief.

Black Tea-Reduces cortisol levels which can keep stress at bay

Valerian Tea-Natures natural soothing agent which is the best tea for relief from tension

Kava Kava-The best tea to reduce anxiety and stress

Green Tea-Powerful antioxidant green tea packs but is also known to be very effective in reducing stress due to the L-Theanine found in green tea which is a natural stress reliever.

Stress is organized into several categories and measured based on their individual effectiveness on the person. The idea that you can eliminate stress is basically unrealistic but to learn how to manage stress just by exercising alternative remedies could be the answer. Drinking tea during times of high stress is the answer to your body responding in a natural way. Tea can actually speed up the recovery of daily stress and is often known to reduce stress hormones levels back to normal.  Further research is still being conducted to understand the link between drinking tea and actually healing your body and mind. At least it’s great to know you are only a cup away from getting relief. You may also take a closer look at the benefits to drinking tea as a stress reliever http://www.stress-relief-resources.com/herbal-stress-relief.html.

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