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Monday, February 13, 2012

Rekindle Your Relationship With Love

Even if your relationship is on the verge of breaking off, it is still never too late to rekindle love. Many couples take their love for granted when they are together for too long in a relationship. They failed to make time for their romance and ended up in a plain and boring love.

How to rekindle love and save the relationship? It is time to bring back the romance back into the relationship. Find ways to spend more time together. One of the very good ways to rekindle love is to go for a holiday together.
Reminisce the good days together. Bring out the old photos and go to places where both of you have good memories behind. This will help to bring back the memory and love that both of you had for each other. You have to show him or her that you are someone who will cherish love.

Learn to analyze what went wrong with the relationship. It could be anything that cause either party to lose the confident and faith in the relationship. It can be your sex life, character, attention, etc. Show some respect and be nice to your partner in this relationship.

Take this time to experience some new things together. Maybe your partner has been wanting to learn surfing or maybe you can plan for a monthly surprise to him or her. All these little new things can add some spice to your love life and this is good for rekindling the love with your partner.

Old Fashioned Love Letters

  • If part of what extinguished your raging romance was the hustle and bustle of daily life, slow things down to give your love affair a fresh start. Write your former flame a romantic letter and send it via snail mail, giving it the feel of a classically romantic love letter. In your letter, request that he write back. If he is not willing to reciprocate, he is likely not as eager to rebuild the relationship as you are and continuing to pursue the issue may be a lost cause. If he, instead, does write back, read what he has to say and continue with the chain of written love, rebuilding your romance with each word you write.

Dinner at Home

  • A dinner at a fancy restaurant can certainly be romance inducing but when what you seek to do is have a state-of-the-union chat with your former flame, a dinner at home is likely a wiser choice. Ask your ex to come over and enjoy a meal at your place. Prepare the tasty treats yourself or, if your cooking skills leave a bit to be desired, order from your favorite take-out restaurant. As you enjoy this food at home you will have plenty of time to chat and also the privacy necessary to do so.

Relaxing Trip

  • If your romantic relationship didn't go out with a bang but instead transitioned into a friendship, taking a trip with this person with whom you still have a positive relationship may be a good choice. Plan a relaxing trip to a cabin or beach destination and invite your ex-flame to go. Before asking her to go on the trip, make it clear that you hope to use the time away to reconsider your relationship status, as to ensure that she doesn't feel tricked into attending this relationship summit. This time away from the duties of daily life may give you just the opportunity you need to communicate openly and ponder your romance.

Love is both an action and a feeling. The action of love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name. When the action stops, the blissful feeling is replaced with pain. There is a similar feeling called lust which may be confused with love. You need to decipher between the two in order to have a healthy heart. Every person is capable of great love so make sure to love the one you are with.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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