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Thank you for following me and learning more on how you can live your "Best Life" each and everyday just by doing exciting things to awaken and pamper what is most important in your life. Pampering4life is a lifestyle of pampering all aspect of one's life. It is the ultimate indulgence of pampering your mind, body, and freedom. Please make sure to take time for yourself at least 10 minutes a day. Relax and feel your desire to live the life God has given you after all "Pampering4life" is a celebration of you....

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Just some information about me. I'm a wife, board certified integrative health counselor, and amateur ballroom dancer. I enjoy life by living each day like it is my last. One of my favorite hobbies is to travel, travel, travel, and to learn different cultures of all kinds. After a recent lay off..I realized my passion and purpose in life is to inspire people by showing them how to enjoy their life and to pamper all aspects of it. This includes your health, your wealth, and most important your mind by making the connection to what living is really about. Pampering4life is about making small changes and reaping BIG RESULTS! I look forward to opening up a new world for you so you to can live your BEST LIFE

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Your Life Live It


I often talk to some of my friends about life and making changes in their life. Most of the time they look at me funny because I'm a thinker outside the box. My mind takes me on a cruise to the Caribbean or to the South of France for vacation when they are just trying to get down the street. I always wonder why they never inspire to be more and live more. I always hear excuses like "My Job" or "My Family" and the bottom line is no one can stop you from enjoying your life but YOU. Who says you cannot take your family with you to the South of France? It is okay to work hard, but make sure you do not let your job stop you from living. At the end of the day, if they are looking to budget cut your department they may look at you to either cut your hours or sadly lay you off....then WHAT? Bottom line we all need to work toward financial freedom so nothing will stop the quality of life we deserve. At the end of your life you should look up to God and say.."I have no more of my talents left because I used everything you gave me" IMAGINE if you could say that... Are you living your best life?

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