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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pampering4life Helpful Tips: Surviving A Storm

In light of the last couple of weeks. I was fortunate enough to survive storm sandy but I must say it was very difficult at times living without power, heat, and still trying to deal with the bitter cold. I was not prepared to adjust my life in such a way I felt like I was on the island of survivor, but needless to say this is life way of teaching you lessons. It was truly a lesson for me but thank God I'm BACK!! Enjoy the helpful tips to keep you informed regardless of the storm.

Analyze Your Risk and Make a Plan

Gather together with your family and discuss the possible disasters that could affect you and your home. For instance, flooding and high winds often go hand-in-hand with hurricanes.

Identify meeting points for your family. If the storm strikes while you're separated, everyone should know where to go. Also identify a contact person who lives far enough away that they likely wouldn't be affected by the same storm system as you.
Examine your insurance policies and make certain they cover you in the event of a storm-related emergency. According to NOAA, homeowners insurance generally does not cover flooding damage.

Create a Survival Kit

Stockpile water and nonperishable or packaged foods. NOAA recommends one gallon of water daily for each person for three to seven days as well as enough food to last that long. Have something on hand to use for cooking, such as a propane-powered camp stove.

Collect all your important documents -- birth certificates, car titles, property deeds -- and store them in a safe place, preferably with some emergency cash. Also, remember blankets, clothes, flashlights and other non-food items you think you might need.


Obtain a battery-powered radio to monitor weather updates. Radio broadcasts generally also provide information from local emergency management officials.

Secure Your Home

Bolt all doors and ensure they are secure as possible.

Close and lock all windows.

Use impact-resistant shutters or board up windows if you are afraid of flying debris from the storm.

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