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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 Simple Tips To Start The New Year Off Right

Want to start off the new year with a clean slate? Here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated and achieve your resolutions.

Make at least five good New Year's resolutions that could fit into your lifestyle. Your resolutions should be personal and help you be a better person, either physically or mentally. Make sure you think your resolutions thoroughly and ask yourself; could this help me? Could this help my community, family, or occupation? Can I stick to this throughout the year? Will I have time to work towards this?
If your goal is to improve yourself mentally, improve yourself daily. If you would like to go to college again and get your Masters degree, do so, but make sure you have enough interest to attend a university. Maybe you would just like to improve your attitude, be more optimistic, care-free, friendly, etc. Say hello to your co-worker across the hall that you've never spoken to up until now. Be a shoulder to cry on when your friend just broke up with her boyfriend. Clean the house for your parents or roommates so they don't have to worry.

If your goal is to improve yourself physically, improve yourself daily or whenever you have free time. If you want to lose 10 pounds, or maybe get rid of the belly bump, go to your local gym or work out at home once every other day, or daily if you have the time. Be consistent and stick on your work out routine. Get a personal trainer if you need a little push and some new techniques. Stick to a healthy diet: for example, instead of stopping at Starbucks and ordering your usual mocha latte with extra whip cream, stop by a bagel shop and get a real fruit smoothie.

The bottom line is to "GO FOR IT" this is your year for 2012. Be determined to set your intentions for this coming year by starting with the end in mind. You can do it! Here at Pampering4life we want to wish you an AWESOME new year and thanks for following our blog. We look forward to giving you more informative topics for the new year to help you to live your best life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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