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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drinking Coffee Can Be Harmful...Try Healthy Coffee

Drinking coffee daily can have many side effects that are not reported to the consumers. After careful research, I was surprise to learn just how negative drinking coffee can be on your health. Below I have shared with you some of the effects to drinking coffee daily.

Most people love to drink coffee for some false and mythical beliefs. They drink too much of it without actually realizing some of its negative effects. This article offers three disadvantages of drinking coffee:

  1. It is highly addictive - Coffee can be very much addictive. There are lots of cases already reported through some reliable researches that drinking coffee can cause addiction. Like any other drugs, it can also be addictive. The effects of caffeine can cause a chemical addiction to the brain. When you abstain from drinking coffee, it can result to withdrawal symptoms. In other words, the more caffeine a person consumes, the more severe withdrawal symptoms a person experiences. The addiction may be of various types. It can even cause serious and severe conditions such as depression and other mental problems.
  2. It causes sleep pattern disturbance - Drinking coffee routinely can possibly cause sleep pattern disturbance. This is because coffee is a stimulant. It contains stimulating chemicals that will keep you awake for longer hours. It can actually shorten the amount of sleep for any person who is taking coffee. It can also disrupt the quality of sleep each night. It can cause insomnia, tremors, restlessness and other symptoms. Since it contains addictive chemicals, it will continuously disrupt a person's sleeping pattern.
  3. It causes stress and anxiety - Drinking coffee can actually cause stress and anxiety. It can even cause severe mood disturbances such as depression and irritability. These conditions are being aggravated by the unceasing caffeine consumption. It actually decreases blood flow, thus decreasing the amount of oxygen going to one of the most vital organs of the body, which is the brain. It can cause poor memory and negative mental performance. It can also make a person feel so stressed leading to high blood pressure for most people.
Great News! You can now enjoy your coffee daily without the harsh side effects and enjoy the added benefits. Try drinking healthy coffee! If you would like to begin your journey to Pampering your life by making small changes and reaping BIG RESULTS. Go to www.gohealthyjavaclub.com to learn just how to change your daily habit into a more healthier choice with a taste that is superb.

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